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d_rats::geopy::distance::VincentyDistance Class Reference

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def __add__
def __div__
def __mul__
def __nonzero__
def __sub__
def calculate
def feet
def forward_azimuth
def ft
def kilometers
def km
def mi
def miles
def nautical
def nm

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Detailed Description

Calculate the geodesic distance between two points using the formula
devised by Thaddeus Vincenty, with an accurate ellipsoidal model of the

The class attribute ``ELLIPSOID`` indicates which ellipsoidal model of the
earth to use. If it is a string, it is looked up in the ELLIPSOIDS
dictionary to obtain the major and minor semiaxes and the flattening.
Otherwise, it should be a tuple with those values. The most globally
accurate model is WGS-84. See the comments above the ELLIPSOIDS dictionary
for more information.

Definition at line 240 of file distance.py.

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